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Trip to Canada 2004

On Friday, July 31, Kylee and I departed Port Huron with plans to experience something neither of us ever had; Niagara Falls.  We arrived at our hotel, Fallsview Hotel, and began our weekend journey across the town. After two crazy days of exploring all the sites and enjoying our privileges at the nearby clubs, we left to see what Toronto had to offer.  It was there that we spent the afternoon discovering the 90-plus rooms in the Casa Loma castle and the Cien Tower. It wasn't much later that we determined a night stay in Toronto wouldn't quite squeeze into our budget, so we extended our journey homeward; to London. There we once again enjoyed our Canadian privileges and headed to a local club where we came enticingly close to taking part in an evening brawl with a few rude clubees who couldn't seem to find their way to the back of the line.  We made it out alive though and ended our night with stay at c cheap hotel. Leaving town the next morning and beginning our 90 minute journey home, we realized how much fun Canada can be despite the slow drivers.


More pictures coming soon...