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Spring Break 2004
Panama City Beach, FL

On Friday, March 5th, 2004 four individuals began their journey from the depths of hell, also known as St. Clair County Community College, Black River University or perhaps the most recognized, SUCK4. Their mission; to escape the everyday life as students and start a new, untamed life in foreign territory.  Their journey placed them in Panama City Beach, Florida where the abundant resources of beaches, bitches and beer helped to unleash their wild sides and solidify (at least in their minds) that this city is indeed, Spring Break Capital of the World. Waking every morning to a Corona with some Fruity Pebbles and spending the rest of their days chowing on chicken sanches and slamming their preferred beverages on the beaches left them in the mood to party, every damn night. While two of them were on “Lock-Down,” with girls back at home, the other two were free to explore their options and Hammer-Down as they felt necessary. This happened often, to say the least. All of this fun, and still, the horrifying idea of returning to hell was a real one. SNAP! They had considered staying in the wonderful city longer but a lack of monetary resources shattered that idea. The 7 days, and ohhhh 7 nights spent there left all of these guys beaten, bruised, and broken. They returned with newfound friendships, a few experiences that will remain remnant within their minds forever, and many more that did happen but they will never be able to recall.

More pictures coming soon...