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     On Friday, March 4th, 2005 this fab four traveled their way to DTW where they left behind everything but a suitcase and carry-on to pursue a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.  Their destination: Cancun, Mexico, The Spring Break Capital of the World.  The hours of every day were passed on the beach,  bargaining with the locals, snorkeling the coral reefs and of course, enjoying each of their own choice beverages.  The night hours were passed in bars and clubs, on the infamous Booze-Cruise, at dance shows and around town with choice beverage (or two) in hand.  Under these circumstances, letting go of ones' inhibitions proved not to be an issue. Whether running from security officials, calling out old men starring at young girls' behinds or telling the greedy waiters and bar tenders of Cancun to f%ck off when our tips were "not enough", this was obvious.  As with anything fun, however, it must all come to an end.  Over the seven fantastic days spent in Cancun, the relationship between these four individuals evolved into something spectacular. Something so spectacular that everything from life's most embarrassing moments, to the occurrence of every bodily function may be experienced and discussed together without offense.  It was at Cancun that we all let loose for Spring Break 2005 and fulfilled our desires to explore this unknown land.  Kylee, Lance and Stacy, Thank You.  Cancun, Thank You.

Meet Stacy, Lance, Kylee & Nick

Gettin down on the beach! We're too sexy for our shirts! They wouldn't let us in the hotel with our boose, so we made the best of it and got hammered on the beach! Kylee posing Kylee and I taking a leap of faith @ Xel-Ha @ Margaritaville Delicious!
16 for XX in a fancy glass? It was delicious though Kylee and I. Look at that water! He can't ever keep it in his pants Check out my cowgirl! More posing from Kylee On our way to the boat ride and coral reef snorkeling, looking hot I might add Pedro rockin the most kick ass Aviators ever! A Mayan Temple, how cool!
Las chicas posing What an awesome view! Kylee and I @ Tulum The City, or what's left of it The girls. Drinking. Poor Kylee burned pretty good She's still posing! The Gulf whitecaps crashing on land A misguided shot of Fat Tuesday's
The reason I wake up in the morning Riding my best friend? Yea, good times Taking shots Kylee and I again, taking in the sun Enjoying a fine bottle of Corona Our spot on the beach This is what I call my Sexy Pose Another shot of the beach
This was Tulum's City Building Can you see the face? All of us at Fat Tuesday's This was the view from the hotel Adios Cancun, you were way too much fun!